Therapy Services

Sal Flynn is a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Yoga Therapist offering individual therapy for adults in both short and long-term therapeutic modalities.

Sal Flynn offers

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that begins by exploring the issues you bring to therapy in a safe and open environment.

Initially, the goal is to create a therapeutic relationship, based on getting to know you and helping you to develop clarity around the issues that brought you to therapy.

Together we will work toward recognising what is standing in your way, strengthening your inner resources and your ability to make more satisfying life choices that lead to a greater sense of peace and wholeness.

Studies suggest that the strength of the therapeutic relationship is the factor most correlated with a successful ‘treatment outcome’. This is why it is so important to find a therapist you feel you can trust and connect with.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy uses the vast repertoire of Yoga breathing, mindful movement, restorative and meditation practices to empower and support individuals to manage all the dimensions of their wellbeing.

Yoga Therapy offers practices in accordance with the specific needs of the individual and their circumstances. Therefore, a Yoga Therapy session is different from a Yoga class.

Initially, we will do a thorough assessment of your circumstances and then create a short Yoga Therapy practice for you to do at home each day. The Yoga Therapy at-home-practice will be developed over a series of sessions so we can establish just the right practice for you to continue yourself.

A tailored Yoga Therapy practice assist clients to restore peace of mind, increase vitality, and foster a full and meaningful life.

Professional Supervision

Sal Flynn offers Professional Clinical Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and Yoga Therapist Mentoring. The supervision can be recognised as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Sal holds Supervisor Registration with the Centre for Existential Practice (CEP).

She has been a Resident Yoga Therapist at The Womens Clinic on Richmond Hill (Melbourne) and Sarah Key Physiotherapy (Sydney) and has trained Yoga Teachers at Nature Care College (Sydney).

Sal currently trains Counsellors and educates Yoga Therapists at the Yoga Therapy Institute.

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Personal Therapy

One-one-one therapy sessions are normally from the comfort of your own home over Zoom as Online Counselling. In non-Covid times, Sal is available for in-person sessions near Byron Bay in NSW.

Some clients have one or two sessions to clarify their thoughts around a specific concern. Others work over an undefined period, dipping in and out or having weekly or fortnightly sessions.

Consistency: Sessions can be arranged weekly, fortnightly, or at a regular time depending on your requirements
Duration of therapy: Varies according to the issues presented
Session length: One hour, by appointment
Fees: $120 per hour of therapy
Cancellations: Notice for cancellation must be given 24 hours prior to the session. Cancellation within 24 hours of a session will be charged in full.

Online Counselling

Client feedback is that Online Counselling sessions are extremely worthwhile. Increasingly, more and more clients are preferring the convenience and safety of Online Counselling sessions.

About Online Counselling

Benefits and Advantages

Choice: Online sessions allow you to choose the Therapist you prefer to work with, regardless of where you live
Convenience: You have the convenience of talking at home, which saves you travel time
Scheduling: It is often easier to co-ordinate your schedule if you are having your session at home
Safety: In these Covid times you are assured of safety


Privacy: The most important consideration is that you need to find a space that is private. Most people find that this is not difficult to manage.
Tech issues: It is also helpful to have the Therapist’s phone number, and vice versa, so that either of you can contact the other if the internet is unstable or in the event that you have interruptions to internet services.

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